South Carolina Medical Group Management Association

Membership FAQ

How do I join?

You can join online anytime on our secure site, or you can call Cindy Ott, Executive Director of SCMGMA at 803-387-7864.

What are the benefits of SCMGMA Membership?

  • Belonging to the strongest interacting community of local healthcare managers
  • Listening to and interacting with influential healthcare speakers
  • Having the ability to affect legislative healthcare policy change in South Carolina
  • Promoting healthcare practice research
  • Having access to valuable healthcare management resources
  • Enhancing professional development
  • Being a member of an organization that supports community projects
  • Communicating with and influencing leading affiliates and vendors that provide informative industry information, products and specials
  • Participating in local and state healthcare events
  • Having access to valuable online tools for your medical practice

Who is eligible to be a member of SCMGMA?

Healthcare managers, administrators, executives and individuals in management roles in healthcare. Also, those who provide products and services to medical practices may join at the affiliate or corporate level. Membership is also available for students enrolled in a healthcare management curriculum.

What are the different categories and cost of membership?

  • Active Membership: $125
  • Corporate Membership (Gold, Silver, Bronze) $5,000 - $3,500 -$2,000
  • Affiliate Membership: $300
  • Honorary Members: No Fee Unless Voting is Required
  • Lifetime Members: No Fee
  • Corporate/Individual Members: $150 per person/per chapter
  • Inactive Members: $125

What are the different payment options?

Single payment credit card options: All new and renewing members are eligible. Your full dues are charged to your credit card the month your membership application or renewal is received.

Mail payments to:
SCMGMA, 1195 St. Matthews Road, PMB 313
Orangeburg, SC 29115
Attention: Cindy Ott

Call Cindy Ott, Executive Director at (803)387-7864.

What type of membership does SCMGMA offer for medical managers over twenty years of experience?

Life membership shall be those individuals who have been members of the SCMGMA for twenty (20) years, have been active members, inactive, or members-at-large and are retired from a healthcare organization. Members of the SCMMA and SCMGMA who have recently become members of the SCMGMA will be grandfathered in with the same requirement. Life membership requires state board approval.

When will I be asked to renew my SCMGMA membership?

Beginning in 2017, SCMGMA membership will be based on the calendar year. Therefore, renewal dues must be paid the beginning of each year. New members may join at any time.

Does my membership begin from the day I sign up?

If you signup for SCMGMA membership online, your membership will be approved within two business days. Membership will be posted within two weeks of receiving your information and payment by mail or over the phone, and you will receive a confirmation notice shortly after.

Are my dues tax deductible?

SCMGMA dues are not deductible as a charitable contribution for federal income tax purposes, but may be partially deductible as a business expense.

How long before I receive my member benefits?

Once your payment for membership has been accepted and posted, you may utilize the full benefits of your membership type.

How do I update my contact information, including my address and phone number?

You will need to logon to the SCMGMA portal to update your information under your user profile.

May I join more than one chapter?

Yes, you may join as many chapters as you desire within the SCMGMA organization.

What is the SCMGMA Healthcare Community section?

The SCMGMA Healthcare community is an online portal for healthcare managers to access resources, discussions, news, event announcements in an easy to view format.

How do I log on to the SCMGMA Community section?

Sign up for a profile or login.

Who should I contact with questions about my membership?

Please contact your local chapter president or Cindy Ott, Executive Director at (803)387-7864

Can I participate in SCMGMA committees?

Members who have been selected to local chapter board positions may be invited by the Chapter President to chair committees. Other members may participate on committees as deemed appropriate by the chapter board.

Are we allowed to bring guests to SCMGMA chapter meetings?

SCMGMA welcomes and encourages guests to attend SCMGMA chapter meetings. Please contact the respective chapter president to notify him/her of your participation.

What is the SCMGMA Annual Conference?

The SCMGMA Annual Conference is a statewide event available for all SCMGMA members. The agenda includes general and break-out educational presentations and specialty group sessions. These are designed to enhance your daily operations as well as personal and professional growth. There are also state-wide vendors and affiliates who attend to showcase their products and services.