South Carolina Medical Group Management Association

Our History

The following lists important date(s) detailing the history of the SCMGMA organization.

January 2004

In the early stages of medical management, two strong professional societies were formed in the state of South Carolina to enhance the education of these managers.The first was the South Carolina Medical Group Management Association (SCMGMA) which had an affiliation with the national Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) and was established in 1978. The South Carolina Medical Management Association (SCMMA) was developed soon after in 1980 and had a dominant local chapter presence.

The objectives for each organization were:

SCMGMA - To provide education, information and networking opportunities to the medical manager professional to assist them in effectively managing, organizing and guiding their respective practice or group.

SCMMA - To enhance the quality of medical care in South Carolina through the professional administration of healthcare practices, encourage the effective and efficient management of medical healthcare delivery systems through professional development and the exchange of ideas within its membership, and to promote excellence in medical office management by its commitment to training, continuing education, and the recognition of achievement and leadership of medical managers.

In 2003, in light of major changes in healthcare and the economy, leaders from both groups worked together to combine the two groups into one statewide association which became the South Carolina Healthcare Managers Association (SCHMA). This organization remained affiliated with the national MGMA, retained local chapters and combined the similar objectives of both prior groups. This merger strengthened the association, made it more effective with legislators and insurance payers, provided a greater impact, boosted networking and educational opportunities and became one of the leading state affiliates in the nation.

SCHMA became official in January, 2004. However, in 2010 the membership voted to assume the name of SCMGMA to maintain consistency with its affiliation with national MGMA. SCMGMA continues to thrive and promote educational opportunities for those in the medical management profession.