South Carolina Medical Group Management Association

Letter from the Governor SCMGMA


April 2, 2020

My Fellow Members,

I am certain that I speak for all of us when I say “We could have done without this”!  

Though we didn’t ask for it we are gaining valuable experience in dealing with an “unprecedented” situation that has many unforeseen variables and outcomes.   We are all doing our best to study this problem all the way through, making us better prepared as a result.  Our SCMGMA membership has some of the most intelligent, innovative and shrewd minds in the medical community and why you are "Leaders". 

I am sincerely humbled in witnessing how our members are successfully and safely navigating their hospitals, hospital systems, ASC’s and private practices through this wicked storm.  However, sharing your brave and inventive failures is just as important.  We are here to celebrate these victories and help you get to yours.  There is no problem that we cannot collectively solve.  So, share them and let's all get involved.

If your chapter is faced with whether or not to cancel or postpone your meeting below are a couple of pointers to move forward on making a decision:

1. Get up-to-date information about local COVID-19 activity from the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO provides specific guidance on how to prepare your chapter for issues relating to COVID-19.

2. Review the recommendations from your local or state department of public health.

3. Utilize the webinars that are being forwarded to us from MGMA or other MGMA States that are “free” to our membership.

4. Note that the webinars, slides, and handouts are being saved to our website at

Your Executive and State Committee members are working on and sharing virtual meetings for the Local Chapters.  Same concept as the live streaming exercise class that now must substitute your visit to the gym/studio.   If you have live-streaming educational opportunities we welcome the opportunity to get these to our members.

The whole world’s population is looking to each other for guidance which is a rather encouraging sight.  This is history in the making and YOU have a part in it.

Be Safe and Healthy,

DeAna Duffey, Governor

South Carolina Medical Group Management Association